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Three Ways to Afford LASIK Surgery without Going Broke

Very few of us can make a major purchase using cash. LASIK surgery is a major purchase. That said, LASIK surgeons have plenty of clients so there must be a way that all of us are queuing up for surgery.

Here are three ways to minimize financial pain while maximizing optical gain:

If you can pay cash¦ negotiate. There should be a discount for paying upfront.

LASIK Financing – Quick and Easy

If you’ve financed any major purchases, like a car for example, you’ll find financing LASIK surgery very similar. You have the financiers, the application, the deal and the payment plan.

The Financiers:

The Process:

Be Flexible – Flexible Spending Accounts

What’s the difference between a savings account and a Flexible Spending Account? It’s putting money away for a rainy day, right? Yes, but there are two major differences:

While FSAs are great places to salt away money for medical procedures (LASIK, braces, whatever) there are limitations.

Make sure to check with your Human Resources person or health insurance representative to make sure that the procedure is covered before starting the process.

The cost of LASIK Surgery is prohibitive. The surgery may seem routine but it isn't and paying for it isn't either. Think before you spend.

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