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Let's thank the lasers

Bella Roberts, mom of three, was the first British person to get Z-LASIK surgery. She had severe nearsightedness, called short sight across the pond, and was legally blind without her glasses. The surgery took only twelve minutes and Bella claimed that her vision was instantly better. “I can see more clearly than I've been able to since I was 11 years old,” she said.

In an internet video, Bella explains that she was worried she would feel discomfort, but she didn’t. The Z-LASIK procedure went smoothly. She recommends Z-LASIK for anyone who wears glasses or contact lenses. There is also a video of her operation that shows Bella walking away from the operating table immediately after the surgery.

Her doctor, David Allamby, is a world-renown CK specialist, and according to what website you look at, he is one of the top 3 to 5 CK specialists in the world. Although I can’t seem to find a comprehensive list of the world’s best CK specialists, I feel safe about saying that he’s probably in the top ten at least. Besides for Z-Lasik, he was also the first doctor to perform CK for presbyopia in the United Kingdom. I could find no mention, however, of who he treated.

CK is short for conductive keratoplasty, a form of laser eye surgery that reshapes the eye using radio waves. It is most popularly used to treat cumulative eye damage caused by aging.

Dr. Allamby graduated from the Scheffield University Medical School. He decided to become a doctor after cutting himself on an aluminum soda can and winding up in the hospital.

Dr. Allamby is based in London and is the director of Focus Laser Vision. He has operated on a number of celebrities. He treated Rick Wakeman the keyboardist from Yes, fixing Rick’s age-related myopia and hyperopia, called long sight in Britain. He also performed laser eye surgery on Robin Campbell, the UB40 guitarist and singer.

Bella Roberts may not be famous but she had her picture in the UK periodical The Daily Mail. She deserves it. Apart from figuring out just how to be the first person in country to get a new type of surgery, she was also willing to undergo it.

(What is the procedure for being the first person to receive a surgery? Is there a list of possible candidates. Did Dr. Allamby take out an ad? )

Bella Roberts, described only as a mom of three, and not as a member of a progressive rock band, has shown true bravery.

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