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LASIK Superstars - Tiger Woods

Tiger Woods, the world-famous, record-setting golfer, is a recipient of LASIK surgery. Tiger was diagnosed with severe nearsightedness and was legally blind without his contact lenses. (He was a minus 11) His vision was so bad that he could barely make out the ball as it sat on the tee.

Although technically handicapped, he managed to trounce most competitors. And after LASIK, Tiger won his next five tournaments. Many think that he may be nigh unstoppable.

Some of his critics went so far to say < href"http://www.lasiksurgeon.com/lasikguides/basics/expectations.html">LASIK surgery was akin to steroid use in terms of performance enhancement. That argument holds no water. It’s like saying that a baseball player whose arm breaks due to a subtle and inborn bone defect shouldn’t be able to get it mended by surgery because it would make him a better player overall. Getting surgery to repair a defect in an important organ is different from taking drugs to unnecessarily enhance an already healthy body.

“My vision is so crisp,” Tiger said in his LASIK promotional video,“ I feel I can read all the subtleties on the green and look down the fairway hundreds of yards and focus perfectly on the flag.”

Tiger said he finally chose to undergo LASIK because many of his competitors had it done and recommended it to him. After having LASIK and endorsing it, Tiger helped bring LASIK surgery into the mainstream.

After eight years, Tiger’s vision began to slip. He was getting headaches from squinting all the time. So he underwent the surgery a second time. Eight years is a fairly decent amount of time between LASIK surgeries and some patients never need a second surgery.

Tiger Woods is an amazing athlete. He completely dominates the sport that he plays and is probably the best golfer of all time. It is wonderful that we all live in an age where a player like Tiger, whose career may have been cut down during his prime due to failing vision, can receive a relatively safe and standard procedure to keep a truly great sportsman on his feet, in the game with his eyes on the ball.
LASIK won’t improve your golf game; practice, some degree of natural talent and lessons will, but LASIK will most likely improve your vision and eliminate your need for contact lenses and eyeglasses.

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