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Lasik Surgery's Return on Investment

I had LASIK surgery 10 years ago. Great decision. I was so happy with the results that I have advocated laser eye surgery to every person I see struggling with contacts or glasses. But, was it a wise financial decision?

Getting LASIK surgery would be a no-brainer if you could make the argument that you save money over some reasonable time frame. That there's not only a return on investment where your eyesight is concerned but that LASIK surgery gives you a great return on your investment in the pocketbook, too.

For example, if it costs you $3,000 to get laser eye surgery and you spent $1,000/year on glasses, contacts, contact solution, etc, then the math and the decision would be straightforward. But most people don't spend that much on eye care each year. A more reasonable estimate is probably something like $200-$300 per year on contacts or glasses. And a 10+ year payback starts sounding like a bad investment . . .

So, why am I still such a staunch advocate? Why I am absolutely convinced that lasik was the best "health" investment I've ever made? The answer is simple: the value of freedom! I travel a lot. And when I wore contacts, sure enough, every month or so I would forget my contact supplies. Not only was it a waste of money procuring an additional bottle of contact lens solution but a waste of time, too. I didn't realize how much of an inconvenience contacts were until I got LASIK surgery. The biggest benefit of LASIK is the freedom that comes with seeing clearly. Almost everyone I've met that has had the procedure says the same thing.

So, if you are considering LASIK surgery and just aren't sure if it's worth it, be sure to factor in those "soft" benefits. The LASIK surgery return on investment is more than seeing better, it's having the freedom to go where you please when you please. And it might save you money. That's a return on investment I can see clearly.

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