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Medical Tourism - LASIK Surgery inside the United States

Medical tourism is a fast-growing industry. People are flocking in droves to have their surgeries outside the United States. Due to the increasing price of malpractice insurance, many doctors are setting up shop in exotic lands like Costa Rica and India in order to offer lower prices on surgery. Often times these are cosmetic surgeons who can offer the surgery, a spa package, lodging and the price of airfare for about the same price as the same procedure done domestically. Many of these doctors have good credentials and are certified by the same board as local doctors, but it is still a good idea to research a doctor before traveling abroad and going under the knife.

Tax Deductible - Laser Eye Surgery and the IRS

The Internal Revenue Service, foreboding and inevitable as the grim reaper, has some good news for once. People who receive laser eye surgery can deduct it from their taxes. Grab yourself a 1040 form and start itemizing.

Flexible Spending Accounts (FSA)

A flexible spending account (FSA) is a type of tax-advantaged financial account that is usually set up through an employer. The most common form of FSA is the medical expense account. Many times the FSA is offered in addition to traditional types of health insurance and can cover various items and procedures, such as cosmetic surgery, acupuncture, dental expenses, vision care and other items, that standard health insurance will not touch.

Three Ways to Afford LASIK Surgery without Going Broke

Very few of us can make a major purchase using cash. LASIK surgery is a major purchase. That said, LASIK surgeons have plenty of clients so there must be a way that all of us are queuing up for surgery.

Here are three ways to minimize financial pain while maximizing optical gain:

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