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WaveFront Custom LASIK

Wavefront Custom is actually two separate procedures. One is the diagnostic mapping of the cornea prior to surgery and the other is used to guide the laser in the ablation of the cornea.

What makes this procedure different and important is the mapping of higher order aberrations. These are not familiar aberrations like nearsightedness or farsightedness. Higher order aberrations produce more severe errors such as glare, blurring and double vision. These severe errors many times disqualified patients from having LASIK Surgery.

Candidates for WaveFront Custom

Patients with higher-order aberrations who were once excluded from having standard LASIK surgery are now included due to the exacting process of Wavefront Custom corneal mapping. Unfortunately, patients with thinner corneas and larger pupils will still have to opt for other refractive procedures.

Pre-op for WaveFront Custom

The difference is in the technology. Patients won't see the difference between one mapping system and the other. But, WaveFront Custom mapping of the cornea is superior to the standard corneal topographer. The remainder of pre-op should be the same as the other LASIK procedures.

WaveFront Custom: The Procedure

As in the pre-op portion of the procedure, the difference between WaveFront Custom and Standard LASIK is one of technology. The surgeon will cut the flap by either blade or laser; WaveFront Custom comes into play when the cornea is ablated. With WaveFront Custom, the surgeon will be guided by a corneal map created by the WaveFront diagnostics. This allows surgeons to ablate deeper and fix higher order aberrations.

Post-Op for WaveFront Custom

Wavefront Custom is much like LASIK Surgery only with a different mapping system. And the post-op is similar to LASIK's post-op as well. Expect minimal pain, a little discomfort and restrictions from your routine.

Advantages of WaveFront Custom LASIK to Standard LASIK

Disadvantages of WaveFront Custom LASIK to Standard LASIK

Anyone considering Laser Eye Surgery should be looking at surgeons using WaveFront Custom as a diagnostic tool. And if they have higher order aberrations, WaveFront-guided surgery is required.

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