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Medical Tourism - LASIK Surgery inside the United States

Medical tourism is a fast-growing industry. People are flocking in droves to have their surgeries outside the United States. Due to the increasing price of malpractice insurance, many doctors are setting up shop in exotic lands like Costa Rica and India in order to offer lower prices on surgery. Often times these are cosmetic surgeons who can offer the surgery, a spa package, lodging and the price of airfare for about the same price as the same procedure done domestically. Many of these doctors have good credentials and are certified by the same board as local doctors, but it is still a good idea to research a doctor before traveling abroad and going under the knife.

Some surgeries, like LASIK surgery, are already pretty affordable. It almost seems silly to suffer the discomfort of traveling across the globe in order to get something that can be done quickly and affordably right here in the United States. There are, however, some exceptions. A person who lives rurally who may not be near top flight facilities may want to think about taking a medical vacation within the United States to have surgery while having fun. Besides, for the fun involved, you might be able to get state-of-the-art medical treatment that you can’t get in the more desolate parts of the country.

Before settling for the closest LASIK surgeon, think about the advantages of taking a medical vacation in the United States.

Here are some suggestions:

New York City:

The city that never sleeps, The Big Apple. It’s a world city full of hustle, bustle and adventure lurking around every corner. Imagine taking the subway from your hotel to the New York Eye and Ear Infirmary. There are literally hundreds of top-tier ophthalmologists on staff. And after the surgery, you don’t have to drive. Treat yourself to a cab. Climb the Empire State Building and look at the Statue of Liberty knowing that you’re liberated from eyeglasses and contact lenses.

Los Angeles:

Los Angeles is another alternative. Although transporting yourself around the city is a bit harder, LA boasts Cedar Sinai Medical Center along with UCLA and the KECK School of Medicine at USC. In order to make the traffic more accommodating, rent a limo and live like a star. After surgery the Hollywood sign, the mansions in Beverly Hills, the shops on Rodeo Drive and the Pacific Ocean will all be that much clearer. And for another type of star-seeking, view astral bodies with new eyes at the Griffith Observatory.


Some might want to try Boston. Massachusetts is notoriously filled with intellectuals. The ophthalmologists there are probably well read. Remember the local favorites are Emily Dickinson and Jack Kerouac. Tufts Medical school, Mass. General and a slew of other famous hospitals reside only a subway stop from wherever you’re staying. Spend time going to Boston Common, follow the Freedom Trail and take in a game at Fenway Park – the stitches on the ball might suddenly look much clearer.


Chicago is the windy city. Lose a contact there and you’re finished. Get LASIK there and go to the top of the Sears Tower. How far can you see? Probably farther than you’ve ever seen before.

Las Vegas

Las Vegas might not spring forth as the paradigm of medical city, but it is a rather touristy area. Like the weddings there, the LASIK surgeries performed will be quick and painless and it is a guarantee that laser eye surgery will be less regrettable the next day.


Colorado boasts wonderful mountains and scenery. When you get to Colorado, look at the scenery before undergoing surgery. After surgery, notice how much clearer the beauty is. What a place to regain your sight.

No matter where a person might go in the United States to regain their sight. It is important to make it a memorable experience. Let LASIK unlock the new you in a new place.

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